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Event Planning


Want to create a scene? Start here.

First, find the perfect setting for your event vision. Is it an Old West-style banquet hall? A giant, amenity-filled blank slate of a space? Look no further. Well, maybe take a tour around our event venues. Right here on this site, you’ll find sizes, prices, and all the other spec/special details to select a standout space for your upcoming occasion.

Next, what do you need to stage your event? Actual stages and a PA system? A livestock scale and auctioneer block? With the wide range of events that happen here, we’ve got what it takes to put them on. Right on hand. So check out our equipment rentals. Then check some big must-haves off your list.  

Now, it’s time to eat, drink, and make merry. Did you know Expo Idaho offers catering and alcohol services—plus a food court and concessions? Western Town even has a professional holding kitchen, bar, and banquet hall for dining needs.

Party on. It’s all here at Expo Idaho.


Promoters can use this very site to show off their stuff. Once you book with us, we’ll give you special online access to easily post your event details and your most eye-catching photos. It’s pretty eventful here. Get in on the high-visibility action.