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You might hear some call Expo Idaho, “the fairgrounds.” That’s due to the fact that—since 1967—this is the very spot where we’ve held the Western Idaho Fair. One of the biggest draws around Southwest Idaho, it’s the social event of the summer that brings in about 250,000 people every year. (Not to mention a pretty fair number of farm animals.)

Beyond our half-century fair legacy, there’s more here than meets the eye. Throughout the rest of the year, over 750,000 people stop by for trade shows, company gatherings, auctions, sporting events, livestock round-ups, and everything else under the Idaho sun.

In 2005, to better showcase the year-round utility of the place, officials renamed this 240-acre wonderland Expo Idaho. Included in this expansive space, you’ll also find the Boise Hawks and Riverside RV Park.

Ada County officially owns the property and buildings here, but the Fair and Expo Idaho remain self-funded. The current director, Bob Batista, is the longest-serving manager at Expo Idaho/Western Idaho Fair.



Ada County Board of Commissioners

Kendra Kenyon, Chairman • Diana Lachiondo • Rick Visser
phone: 208-287-7000

Expo Idaho Advisory Board

Mike Masterson, Chair • Chanel Tewalt, Vice Chair • Ed Lodge • Steve Price • Chanel Tewalt • John Tomkinson • Dave Logan • Caitlin Copple Masingill